perfect shotgun
... Serkonos, vast and endless. The universe, contained.
я подумал и решил перетащить сюда хотя бы зимние фанмиксы, раз уж тексты мирно лежат на фикбуке; олсо, если угадаете внутреннюю структуру микса, с меня печенька.
номер раз, братики:

1. Placebo - Fuck U (Archive cover)
can't believe you were once just like anyone else, then you grew and became like the devil himself

2. We Are Scientists - I Don't Bite
if we both understand what's going on, it's pretty clear we'll get along
I only wanna get it done, I only wanna get it

3. Cage The Elephant – Drones In The Valley
screaming at the ceiling doesn't make it better
ask them no more questions - you'll never catch them lying; it's time to make our move and strike them right between the eyes

4. Black Light Burns - It Rapes All In Its Path
we're gonna take you to the freaky town so carry a gun if it makes you feel calm
you go down with the ship, cause you're the one that's sinking it

5. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Weapon Of Choice
I won't waste my love on a nation
I'll see you through to the after life
it's too hard to stand aside; it's enough to stop your heart

6. Sick Puppies - You're Going Down (Uncensored)
define your meaning of war; to me it's what we do when we're bored
it'll be a long time coming, but you got the message now; 'cause I was never going- yeah, you're the one that's going down

7. Dope - Thanks For Nothing
well that son of a bitch- he looks just like me
thanks for all of your bullshit too; thanks for everything you didn't do

8. Powerman 5000 - Show Me What You've Got
so put em up, put em up, show me what you've got, show me how you do it, how you're never gonna stop

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