perfect shotgun
... Serkonos, vast and endless. The universe, contained.
номер три, Пакстон и Альма; настолько крепкая семейная любовь, что даже почти инцест

1. Darren Korb - Mother, I'm Here (Zulf's Theme)
now you'll never be lonely, not when I'm home, sweet home

2. Morphine - The Night
you're a bedtime story, the one that keeps the curtains closed; I hope you're waiting for me, cause I can't make it on my own

3. Abney Park - She
she is such an integral part of me that I forgot who I was
we have traveled this world for years; we have consoled each other's fears; we dried each other's tears

4. Union Of Knives - Evil Has Never Love You
you look familiar, I know you. we've met before, is it not true?
evil has never loved you as I do ... nobody has ever loved you like I do

5. Project Pitchfork - Timekiller
go away, leave me alone, I feel your presence in my mind
in my heart is no place for you and in my mind is no space for you

6. Nine Inch Nails - Sanctified
and if she says come inside I'll come inside for her; if she says give it all I'll give everything to her. I am justified, I am purified, I am sanctified inside you
heaven's just a rumor she'll dispel as she walks me through the nicest parts of hell

7. Marylin Manson - Devour
I can't sleep until I devour you
you're not crying, this is blood all over me
and I'll love you, if you let me; and I'll love you, if you won't make me starve

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